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Over the Air (O.T.A) Mounting Hardware 
Winegard 21 Inch J-Pole Winegard 28 Inch J-Pole
Winegard 21 Inch J-pole
21 Inch J-Pole perfect size for a 4 bay antenna mounting like the channel master 4221 HD. Comes with adjustable base to enable a vertical mount on the side of the house or a horizontal mount on a flat surface like a deck
Winegard 21 inch J-pole J piple J mount
Winegard DS-2016 28 Inch J-pole
Winegard 28 Inch J-Pole superior quality good for mounting a channel master 4221HD antenna for getting that antenna higher. This mount can be mounted either horizontally or vertically as the base is adjustable. One of the most popular HD Antenna mounts on the market.
Winegard 28 inch J-pole J piple J mount
Winegard 39 inch J-Pole Antennas Direct 20 Inch J-Pole Slimline Black
Winegard DS3000 39 Inch J-Pole J Mount J Pipe for OTA Antenna for Free HD TV ATSC
Winegard 39 Inch J-Pole perfect for a 8 bay antenna mounting like the channel master 4228 HD as the channel master 8 bay requires 2 u-bolts to be used to mount to the J pipe. The mount can be mounted either horizontally or vertically as the base is adjustable.

Winegard 39 inch J-pole J piple J mount
Antennas Direct 20 Inch J-pipe Black Slimline
20 “J-shaped mounting pole
• Mounting bracket
• Expansion bolts
• Not for use with ClearStream5™ antenna

The ClearStream™ J-Mount is just like our basic J-Mount - only smaller. This 20" mast with a 1" diameter is ideally suited for our ClearStream™ Antenna line. Like our basic J-Mount, the CS J Mount has a pivoting foot, which allows installation on vertical or horizontal surfaces. Mounting hardware is included.
Antennas Direct 20 Inch J-pole

Channel Master 3090 Universal Mount Antennas Direct Heavy Duty 2 Piece Mast in Black
Channel Master 3090 universal mount
Channel Master 3090 (CM-3090) Universal Mount. Adjustable J-pole (Jpole) to support antenna. up to 44 inches.

Channel Master Universal mount up to  44 inch J-pole J piple J mount
Antennas DIrect 2 Piece 5 foot mast kit
Antennas Direct Two-Piece Mast Kit is made of powder coated steel and is swaged at one end, so the poles fit into each other to form a 5 ft pole.

Kit Includes:

• 2 X 80cm (31.5 inches each so combined 5 ft) mast with OD 38mm (1.5 inches)
• Masts are stackable with each other
• C/W bolt and nut included to prevent twisting
Antennas Direct 2 piece 5 foot mast
Channel Master 3078 Roof Attic mount Channel Master 3079 4 inch wall mount
Channel Master 3078 roof attic mount
Channel Master 3078 (CM-3078) Swivel mounted designed for a roof attic mount supports mast.
Channel Master 3078 CM-3078 roof attic mount
Channel Master 3079 4 inch wall mount
Channel Master 3079 (CM-3079) wall mount used for mounting against the wall or sometimes a chimney.
Channel Master 3079 CM-3079 4 inch wall mount

Winegard 4 inch Wall Mount Skywalker 6 Inch Wall Mount
Winegard 4 Inch wall mount
Winegard heavy duty 4 inch wall bracket to support mast. Used on Chimneys to pass the ledge if drilling is a prefered method.
Winegard 4 inch wall mount
6 inch wall mount
Channel Master 9032 6" Heavy Duty Wall Mount Antenna Bracket 1 Pair Mast Support CM9032 Outdoor Off-Air TV Aerial Satellite Dish Stand-Off Kit, Part # CM-9032

Channel Master CM9032 Universal TV Antenna 6" wall mount stand-off bracket kit is a quick and economical mount for adding off-air antennas to your home entertainment system. It is designed for home outdoor wall mounting.
•Heavy Duty Outdoor 6" Standoff Wall Mount Bracket Kit
•Fits up to 1 1/2" Mast Pipes
•U-Bolt with V-Block
•Lag Bolts Included
•Gold Chromate
6 inch wall mount
Ezee up 18 Inch Wall mount Ezup 24 inch wall mount
18 ich wall mount
The wall mount offers heavy duty steel construction and has 18 inches of standoff from the wall to allow the antenna mast to clear roof over hang.
Channel Master 9036 18 Inch wall mount
24 inch wall mount
Wall Mount offers heavy duty constriction and has 24 inches standoff from the wall to allow the antenna mast to clear the roof.
24 ich wall mount
Ezze Up 18 foot straps chimney mount Channel Master 9017 U Bolt Nest Assembly
18 ft strap chimney mount heavy duty
18 Foot Chimney Mount Antenna Mast Stainless Steel Straps Y Type Heavy Duty  Install Kit, Complete Outdoor Off-Air Aerial Mounting Hardware

(2) "Y" Chimney Straps
(2) 18' FT Stainless Steel Chimney Straps


Put bracket on chimney and run strap round chimney, being careful not to twist it. Install brackets as far apart as possible, 20 % of mast length is suggested.
Feed free end of strap through.
Pull strap tight around chimney. Be sure the strap is evenly placed around the chimney.
Apply strap clamps.
Tighten to secure straps around chimney.
Install antenna mast. Use guy wire if mast length is excessive.
chimney mount heavey duty 18 foot straps
Channel Master 9017 CM9017 U-bolt nest assembly
Channel Master 9017 (CM-9017) U bolt nest assembly supports mast.
Channel Master 9017 U Bolt nest assembly
Channel Master 3092 3 foot Roof Tripod Winegard SW-00010 3 Foot Tripod
Channel Master 3092 CM3092 3 foot roof tripod
Channel Master 3092 (CM-3092) heavy duty roof tripod comes with a latch patch kit (tar pack). 3 foot tripod support up to 10 foot mast.
Channel Master 3092 heavy duty 3 foot tripod for roof with latch patch kit (Tar Pack and screws)

Winegard SW-00010 3 foot tripod
Winegard SW-0010 3 foot tripod supports centre mast for mounting you HD TV antenna Heavy duty tripod made with stainless steel.
Winegard sw-00010 3 foor tripod for mounting TV Antenna

CM9139 Latch Patch Kit Channel Master Vent Pipe Mount
Channel Master 9139 Latch Patch Kit
Latch Patch Kit for mounting J-Pole on roof or Tripod
Channel Master Latch Patch Kit
Pipe Vent mount
Vent pipe mount heavy duty steel galvanized antenna mast up to 1 1/4" set of 2 pair vent pipe from 2 1/2" to 3 3/4" O.D. bracket support, easy to install.
vent pipe mount for mounting mast for HD TV Antenna channels

Winegard Eaves Mount SW-0012 5 Foot Sloping Tripod
Under eaves mount for mast and HD AntennaEaves mount on Peak overhang
For installing a satellite or antenna under the eave of your roof.

• Adjustable Eave Mount
• Adjustable from 45” to 60”
• Accepts up to 2 ½ “ Diameter Mast
• Does not come with Mast Clamps (U Bolts)
Channel Master 9030 eaves mount CM-9030
5 foot sloping tripod
16 gauge 5ft Tri-Mast Heavy Duty Slope Roof Mount. Ideal for conventional UHF-VHF or wireless cable antennas. Can be installed on roof slope or peak. •Galvanized, durable finish
•Swivel feet help prevent twisting of the mast
•Conforms to most any roof slope
•Main mast length: 5ft
•Supporting legs length: 3ft
•OD: 1.14in
•Weight 7 lbs
5 foot sloping tripod for roof
Non Penetrating Roof Mount for J-Pole Non Penetrating roof mount for Mast Skywalker
Smaller non penetrating mount for J-Pole
Base frame for 46 and 60 cm antennas with J-pole sold separately
Single base frame covers approximately six square feet.. To be used with 6 cylinder blocks.
non penetrating roof mount for J-pole
skywalker larger non penetration roof mount for mast
SkyWalker 32816 Non-penetrating roof mount 36 inch by 36 inch Mast not included.

These non-penetrating roof mounts are constructed of steel and use standard concrete blocks to anchor. For use with DBS, antenna and satellite internet systems. Takes standard mast pole sold separately and up to 8 cylinder blocks to be used on base.
Skywalker non penetrating roof mount for Mast

Window Cables Wall Plates
Window cable
Regular Window cable not heavy duty
RG6 cable window and door cable
Wall plate for RG6 cable into house
Single Wall Plates for RG6 Cable
Single wall plate RG6 connection
Winegard TB0005 5 Foot mast Channel Master 1810 10 foot mast
Winegard TB-00005 5 foot mast
Winegard TB-0005 Antenna swedged mast 5 foot mast section interconnect. 18 gauge galvanized steel masting, in 5 ft. lengths.
• 1.25" Outer Diameter, which is the standard for most TV and FM Antennas
•We only sell antenna poles in 5ft lengths, but they can be stacked for greater lengths.
$14.99 In store pickup only

Channel Master 1810 10 foot mast
Channel Master 1820 swedged mast 10 foot mast section interconnect. 18 guage galvanized steel mast in 10 foot lengths
•1.5" Outer Diameter not
1.25, which is the standard for most TV and FM Antennas •We only sell antenna poles in 10ft lengths, but they can be stacked for greater lengths.

$25 In store pickup only
Channel Master Telescopic Masts Underlay Pad for Non Penetrating Roof mounts
Channel Master telescopic masts

The Channel Master telescopic masts are a high quality galvanized steel 16 gauge mast used for TV antenna mounting as well as other antenna and specialty applications. The mast is weather resistant, strong and durable and comes with guy rings, mast clamps and platform pins making it ready to install. We carry 3 different sizes :-
Non Penetrating roof mount underlay mat
Rubber mat for non penetrating roof mounts.
Rubber underlay mat for non pentrating roof mounts
Cable Clips for RG6 Cable Cable Management
RG6 cable clips
Cable Clips Package of 20
20 cable clips for RG6 and RG59 cable

Cable Management
Cable Management
Cable mangement for RG6 and RG59

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