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Channel Master Manufacturers of HD TV Antennas (Ariels) Preamplifers (Preamps) Distribution amps, and antennas Mounting Channel Master is a US company that manufacture products for O.T.A. (over the air). They manufacture a range of outdoor antennas suited for receiving an over the air digital signal to enable you to capture far away towers and receive a crystal clear digital picture and even breath taking HD signals using a HD Antenna. Channel Master also make Amplifers and mounting Hardware for your HD Antenna installation.

Channel Master 9521a rotor controller and remote for HD TV Antenna
Channel Master 9521a Rotor Controller and remote control

Channel Master CM 9521A Antenna Rotator system comes with a remote control


• Compatible With Most Universal Remote Controls (including satellite)
• Non-Volatile Memory – Holds Locations During Power Failures
• Automatic Synchronization Ensures Pinpoint Position Accuracy
• Direct Access via TV Channel Number or Digital Compass Location
• Unobtrusive Control Blends With Any Décor
• One-Piece Cast Aluminum Housing
• Heavy-Duty Rotator Motor
• Wind-Tested Brake Pads
• Durable Powder-Coat Paint Finish
• Precision-Cut Gear System
• Built-In Steel Thrust Bearings
• Does not come with CM9554 3-conductor rotor wire to connect channel box to rotor unit. The CM9554 rotor wire must be purchased separately.

Additional Information

A Rotor or Rotator is a mast-mounted, motor-driven device that permits the TV viewer to conveniently rotate (orient) the outdoor antenna in any direction to optimize reception of a desired TV channel. A rotor should be considered when TV signals are being derived from broadcast towers in different directions and a single antenna cannot accommodate all locations.

A rotator consists of two parts: 1) an indoor control unit, and 2) an outdoor drive unit. The two are connected via a multi-conductor wire that carries the voltage and control signals from the indoor unit to the outdoor drive unit.


Rotation: 1 RPM
Gear Ratio: 3200 to 1
Max. Masting: 2”
117V 60 Hz Rotator & Control Unit
(230V 50 Hz Units: 9521EU & 9537EU)

$159.99 CDN Add to Cart

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