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Over the Air (O.T.A) Channels for Windsor Area

If you are paying for cable and compare basic cable with Over the Air (OTA), you got to wonder what you are doing? Living in the Windsor and surrounding areas and paying for Cable TV with its inferior picture quality compared to the new era of Digital TV (DTV) makes absolutely no sense. Below is a list of TV stations you can receive with off air OTA broadcasts using superior products like the Antennas Direct C2V, antennas direct DB8e with retro fit kit for VHF, HDTV antenna's. Get local broadcasts in stunning HD thats even better then satellite TV. This is because the compression that is used in Satellite TV loses definition unlike OTA HD. Even the standard definition channels that come over the air are far superior then cable could ever deliver to your TV. Your TV maybe only HD ready and after paying so much for your new HD TV you don't have to subscribe to expensive services to see the most amazing HDTV. This is a general list of the Windsor area please contact Save And Replay your OTA HD TV antenna specialists and experts to recommend the best antenna for your physical location. These listings changes from time to time  and below is listed the best you can get as OTA is very area dependent. Choosing a good quality antenna like the Antennas Direct Clearstream C2V or Antennas Direct DB8e with the VHF retro fit kit makes all the difference due to some of the digital tv DTV HD stations coming on the VHF Band in the windsor area.

Broadcast Channel Number Channel Logo Channel Name Tower City
2.1 WJBT-DT (Fox-HD) Detroit
2.2 WJBK-DT  (Fox-SD) Detroit
4-1 nbc WDIV-DT  (NBC) Detroit
4-2   WDIV-DT  (This) Detroit
7-1 WXYZ-DT  (ABC) Detroit
7-2   WXYZ-DT  (RTN) Detroit
7-3 WXYZ-DT (Weather) Detroit
11-1 WTOL-DT (CBS) Toledo
11-2   WTOL-DT (News-SD) Toledo
13.1 WTVG-DT (ABC) Toledo
13.2   WTVG-DT (TV+) Toledo
13.3 WTVG-DT (Weather) Toledo
19.1 CKXT (SUN-HD) London
19.2 CKXT (SUN-SD) London
20.1 WMYD-DT (MY-HD) Detroit
20.2 WMYD-DT (MY-SD) Detroit
22.1 WFXP-DT (Fox) Erie
24-1 nbc WNWO-DT (NBC) Toledo
24-2   WNWO-DT (RTN) Toledo
24-3 WNWO-DT (Weather) Toledo
30-1 WGTE-DT (PBS-HD) Toledo
30-2 WGTE-DT (PBS-SD) Toledo
30-3   WGTE-DT (CREATE) Toledo
33-1   WPXD-DT (ION) Detroit
33-2   WPXD-DT (IND) Detroit
33-3   WPXD-DT (IND) Detroit
33-4   WPXD-DT (IND) Detroit
36-1 WUPW-DT (Fox) Toledo
39-1   WADL-DT (IND) Detroit
39-2   WADL-DT (IND) Detroit
50-1   WKBD-DT (CW) Detroit
56-1 WTVS-DT (PBS-HD) Detroit
56-2 WTVS-DT (PBS-SD) Detroit
56.3   WTVS-DT (CREATE) Detroit
62-1 WWJ-DT (CBS) Detroit

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